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VietNam Telecom is one of the very few global VoIP solution providers with direct contracts with local incumbent telecommunications operations across the globe. Our primary business includes A-Z termination services, implementation of PSTN & multiplatform networks, retail & reseller solutions for VOIP services

Our white / legal termination destinations include VietNam, USA, Canada,UK, China, India, Cambodia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan,Thailand and 20+ other destinations.

We provide tailored retail solutions including web and e-commerce provisioning, and wholesale / Retail Direct Inward Dialing [DID] numbers for more than 50 destinations worldwide for calling card access and private/corporate usage. VietNam Telecom is also a pioneer in providing international call centre services.

VietNam Telecom , we believe in transparency. We pride ourselves on being accountable to our customers and upholding the highest standard of service to achieve wholesale and retail customer loyalty and satisfaction..

Wholes Sales VoIP Service Provider!

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