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A-Z and Wholesale Termination

Vietnam Telecom provides wholesale voice Origination and Termination services into VietNam,USA, China, Canada, Cambodia, UK, Germany, Netherlands,Japan and the Asia-Pacific region including Philippines and Malaysia. Our Network reliably terminates millions of minutes of Wholesale VoIP traffic a day.

Commercial or Calling Card Traffic (Standard Service)
We provide A-Z wholesale services for both resellers and wholesale clients. We are members of several worldwide platforms which enable us to bring the best of quality matched with value price for your termination needs.

Download A-Z Rates [Standard]
Enterprise or Business Direct Routes (Platinum Service)
We provide white quality termination to A-Z destinations worldwide, enabling us to provide small to large business enterprises with reliable, high-quality termination. Any business using IP-PBX system could cut significant call charges using Platinum service without compromising call quality both locally and worldwide.

Download A-Z Rates [Platinum]
Wholesale Direct:
We are one of the very few organisations to provide Direct Vietnam White Route termination services via VNPT/VDC,SPT,VTC, USA, Canada,Laos,Cambodia, and China.

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