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DID/DDI Services

VietNam Telecom provides a complete set of inbound VoIP services to carriers, ITSP's, calling card operators, call centres and other businesses around the world. The VietNam Telecom network allows these businesses to get virtual phone numbers in 5000 cities around the world from one single carrier.

VietNam Telecom Benefits:

         High quality calls
         High availability
         Flexible rate plans
         Large coverage
         No investment needed to penetrate new markets
         Instant connectivity and market reach

VietNam Telecom Numbers:
VietNam Telecom can allocate large blocks of numbers in many countries and forward the calls using VoIP to the customer infrastructure. VietNam Telecom then acts as a gateway from the PSTN for the traffic, delivering it directly to the customer's IP switch or gateway. We only charge a fixed monthly fee for this service. No per-minute fees and unlimited inbound calling! View All Numbers
VietNam Telecom 0800
Toll-free numbers are used by many businesses around the world, be it calling card providers, call centres, or other businesses. Calls placed to these numbers are free of charge for callers. The calls are forwarded from the originating country directly to the customer's equipment, over IP, anywhere in the world. View All Numbers
VietNam Telecom Trunk:
VietNam Telecom Global VoIP Trunk is a service that allows businesses to share the capacity for all their virtual phone numbers on one common trunk. With this service, there is no need to provision one T1 in each country and no need to know anything about TDM. Customers can manage the capacity allocated to each of their local numbers according to their specific needs with maximum flexibility. They do it on their own and in real-time. View All Trunks

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